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We’re guessing she never thought China Joe would still be walking around 11 months into his term….

This man’s mind has turned to swiss cheese – and all that’s left are the dirty jokes of the 60s and 70s,  – and his ever-present racism. Would you believe this was supposed to be a Veteran’s Day speech?   Look at the fool grinning,  – he thinks he’s being charming….

A reading of History,  – from many cultures and across many millennium,  – will cause you to understand that the slave rebellion is a recurring theme.  It even happened here in Colonial America – several times.  Go look it up. Now comes a group of ungrateful slave descendants and immigrant descendants,  – whose ancestors never […]

Stacey and Georgia’s two communist senators Ossoff and Warnock won the first round,  – using “RACISM” to chase the All Star game out of Atlanta to Denver.

Carmel is a town of 35,000+ barely an hour north of NYC,   where the Hudson Highlands meet the Taconic Mountains.   It’ a rich town.  A fight has been smoldering there for months,  – as the liberal all-white school board has let their teacher’s union run amok with Critical Race Theory.   This mom is fighting back. […]

Two US Senators make a press splash:  They refuse to confirm any WHITE nominees presented by China Joe.  They demand to see Asian and Pacific Islanders in his cabinet and among his White House Staff. Since being called out for their racism on the Tucker Carlson show,  – they ~ seem ~ to have backed […]

We begin the year with a lifelong crook (now suffering advanced dementia) – as pResident;  Black mothers dropping their newborns in trash cans;  – and a very white Harvard grad determining that Dr. Seuss wrote racist books…? And we’re only 61 days into the new year?

Michigan State Rep Cynthia A Johnson just won reelection in District 5 by a whopping 93.4%. It made her feel invincible and vengeful.   LISTEN:       Phone:   517 373-0844

I was raised to love God,  love my Family,  love my Country,  and show politeness and respect for everybody else,  – – unless or until they proved themselves cruel,  dangerous,  or nasty. So I’m not comfortable today being told that I have to accept or embrace anybody who is different,  – just because they’re here […]