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How juicy!  A Harvard political theorist – worried about ‘inequities’ in the Commonwealth – exacerbated by Baker’s Coronavirus lockdowns….thinks she can restore social justice to what Baker has screwed up… She hasn’t yet SAID that she’s an über-liberal Democrat,  – she doesn’t have to.

Our favorite Junkyard Dog is at it again – calling out Attorney General Eric Holder’s racist agenda at the National Press Club. “Inflammatory and irresponsible rhetoric…like vultures at a roadside kill!” Cops in general, and police chiefs and sheriffs in particular, – often find it convenient to walk a delicate non-political line, – never revealing […]

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez is in Congress because her California 47th district has changed over the past 50 years.  It’s now heavily Hispanic.  She has been~ almost ~ a shoe-in every election since 1998.  More so because her younger sister Linda represents the nearby 39th  District..  Both are rampantly liberal, pro-open border, pro-amnesty.  But, there is […]