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War On Cops: New Orleans

September 12th, 2015

5 PM Friday – officer in marked cruiser sprayed with AK-47, suffered broken glass wounds, – nearby civilian gunned down. Initial reports ~ sketchy ~ describe Black male w/ dreadlocks – firing from a white luxury car driven by another male. The officer – who survived – may have driven up on a crime in […]

While some of this may be empty bluster,  the reality is that a lot of angry folks out there believe this crap….and they ARE acting out….   A cop was shot at in Millis tonight,  – on a wooded stretch of Forrest Road.   UPDATE:  That Part-Time Millis cop LIED – has been FIRED! Most of the […]

EoW: 28 August 2015. Ambushed while fueling his cruiser at a Chevron Station – shot in the back – execution style – as black radicals including Minister Farrakhan have been calling for the murder of Whites and Police. ATTENTION COPS:  This new danger is very real!  Stay ALERT!

All the racial hatred stirred up by Jackson, Sharpton, Holder and Obama exploded last night, – as a vigilante shot two cop outside the Ferguson, Missouri police station. A crowd had gathered to continue anti-police protests in the wake of the Justice Department report citing racism in the Ferguson Police Department – and the resignation […]

She played stupid for 4 years – did she know about Ayo Kimathi’s racist website? Take a deep breath before you click on Read more…