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In an extraordinarily brazen move – dangerous for the troops involved – he ordered that all National Guard troops in DC not to carry their arms or ammunition.  This makes them conspicuous and unarmed targets.  He FAILED to consult Trump.

One senseless needless death – videotaped for the world to see,  and the Democrats’ Voter Slaves revolted and burned their Plantations.  Now their liberal boy mayor wants Trump to bail him out?

Protests,  riots,  looting,  arson,  even murder – across our nation is not a response to the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.  This has been planned, rehearsed, – and is being paid for… While many of the participants caught up in the emotions of the moment ~ believe ~ they are engaging in “legitimate protests”,  […]

Remember how the media and Democrats castigated GW after Hurricane Katrina? Well,  the flooding in Louisiana is much worse – 40,000 homes flooded!  Can Obama find his way from the Vineyard to Baton Rouge?

City will pay family of 25-year old career criminal $6,400,000; – making him truly worth more dead than alive!  Everybody’s share is $10.30.  And there are STILL the trials of six good cops to pay for. Who makes such decisions?   When do the voters get a say?

Forty-eight years of struggle to close America’s racial divide – ruined by America’s “First Black President” – who has mostly ignored the economic plight of inner-city Blacks – unless he was fanning the flames…. It has all been so entirely predictable….

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake delayed a long long time before asking Governor Hogan for help with her race riot,  even as looting and burning was spreading. Seems she hadn’t thought about a curfew until reporters asked her… Another case of voters electing a person they ‘identify with’ – instead of someone able to handle the worst of […]

Two Amateurs And A Runt

December 30th, 2014

Gawd Help Boston – on First Night, – and during the Summer of 2015! The People have Spoken!    They wanted a couple of amateurs to protect them from EVIL – because they thought EVIL would never come to Boston…  Now they’ve seen the truth, and their runt of a top cop is begging the […]