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Summer 2019 starts with US Marshals trying to serve a warrant on a known violent offender – who pulled a rifle on them – and was killed on the spot. Of course the Black Community (his customers?) became outraged, – rioted into the night hurling stones and bricks at the police.  26 cops injured.

The police executed a search warrant on a long-troubled house in St. Louis – only to have a black teenager point a gun at them.  Both cops fired,  hitting Mansur Ball-Bey 4 times.  “Man-Man” died. And of course,  the mobs exploded,  and the protest flags were seen in the streets.

When so-called “protesters” turn into packs of animals. Tough to run a business on the edge of a ghetto;  – a LOT tougher when your customers come in packs and loot your store – with impunity . Heartbreaking when the Mayor allows it…   Disgusting video below the fold.