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Simply spoken,  – doesn’t blame guns…..

Is the University of Missouri campus steeped in Racism?  Or have students forgotten why they want a college degree…?  Hunger strikes, protests, and a football team which refuses to suit up…. Oh, and of course a US Senator with her 2¢….

A strange sad tale from Spokane – sometimes called the Inland Kingdom – where a young white woman – Rachel Dolezal – has been telling folks for years that she’s Black.  She even became head of Spokane’s NAACP Chapter. But of course all lies are eventually exposed, – right Senator Squaw? I’m not running this […]

Just how many Sociologists have been reduced by the Obama Economy to working as baristas at Starbucks?  Now these frustrated prissy know-it-alls are going to tell us how to be better humans? Is there an end ~ anywhere ~ to the arrogance of liberals?

You know that if Eric Holder’s goons could find anything on this guy – they’d be all over him the same way they were all over Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Sheriff Clarke can do two things Obama cannot: – speak directly from the heart – and do it without a teleprompter. Short clip below the fold: