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Opening The Trayvon Martin Wound

September 14th, 2019

The Left calls filmmaker Joel Gilbert a “conspiracy theorist” – chiefly because he produced a film pointing to communist Frank Marshal Davis as the real father of Obama. Now he has a book and documentary video due out exposing what he calls blatant witness fraud in the 2013 murder trial of George Zimmerman. VIDEO: 

DEAR LORD,  please grant that a year from today we have been delivered from the crushing stupidity of America’s grubbing class of lazy welfare peasants and the leaching Democrats who keep them enslaved! Our nation, – which in my lifetime liberated over 100 million souls from dictators and oppression, – should not continue to be […]

With Ferguson Missouri set to explode in America’s first major race riot of the decade,  and Al Sharpton taking center stage before the cameras to talk about white policemen shooting unarmed black teens,…it is fitting to remember just how big a fraud he is. Between his personal income, his for-profit Raw Talent and Ravels Communications, […]

Draining Gold From A Corpse?

November 6th, 2014

The next generation of Race Pimps is now practicing – LAW. Professor Justin Hansford – St Louis School of Law – is taking the ‘bereaved parents’ of Ferguson, MO teenage thug Michael Brown to the UN in Geneva, Switzerland. WHO is paying for this trip – where these ‘bereaved’ gold diggers will meet with 20 […]