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Policy?  Issues?  Forgetaboutit!!   It was a day of photo-ops! She spoke for 19 minutes at Shaw University – played the RACE CARD,  – then walked off without taking questions…. 2 videos: 

“I’m Dean of Journalism Dorothy Bland – and when Police Officers are nice enough to stop me from endangering my life – I call it Racial Profiling.” We at RRB encourage folks to exercise – responsibly!   If you walk or run,  – face your assassins – [face the damned oncoming traffic Dummy],  and carry some ID,  – […]

She came to play the Race Card; – but few showed up to listen. Hillary stopped for a ‘major campaign event’ at historically Black Texas Southern University in Houston. But organizers had to curtain off the auditorium because they hadn’t sold enough tickets. But true to form,

His words set the stupid people in motion. They’ve waited out the winter.  Now they’ll take center stage until the cold weather returns. Tourists will be well-advised to visit somewhere else, – we suggest the Adirondacks or the Grand Canyon. New York’s Finest will be very busy, between crowd control, crime fighting, and anti-terrorism work.

Al Sharpton emerges as Capo-di-tutti-Capi of the “Racial Forgiveness and Atonement” racket. Jesse Jackson is going to be REALLY PISSED, – that used to be HIS rice bowl. Sharpton makes a ‘deal’ with Sony Pictures executive Amy Pascal [she of the racist Obama emails] – giving him a say-so on how movies are made.  There […]

DNC 2012: My 1st Nite Take-Away

September 4th, 2012

Frankly, I couldn’t listen to all of each speech, but I heard enough to be truly frightened for my country. The theme seemed all about class warfare and racism, and about how it’s government’s job [Barack’s mission] to ensure that everybody gets to enjoy the hard work of more successful people.  Robin Hood politics played […]

It ~ may ~ have been a little bit luck, and certainly a little skepticism, but I am so glad RRB didn’t run with the Shirley Sherrod story.  But even before the dust settles on Shirley,  her “new” job,  and her possible lawsuits, – I will comment on the MUCH BIGGER story – the total […]