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Leave it to the utter desperation of the DemocRAT party,  – where most of their elected members couldn’t find Niger on a map,  – to resort to one of their most flamboyant and outlandish clowns to try to smear President Trump. Always the lying race-baiter – this troll willingly uses a dead soldier and his […]

It looks like CNN sent some young robots into the crowd – pre-programmed with questions designed to stoke a narrative. This young man met a bulldozer,  and underestimated him,  – likely just because he is Black and wearing a T-shirt.   Big mistake!

America’s FIRST Black First Lady takes Tuskegee Graduates back to the 1960s with a speech laden with bitterness, victimization, and racial division. I really wanted to ignore the thing, – not give her any added publicity or a bigger megaphone;…but her hate-filled words addressed to the Black graduates with the full deliberation of teleprompter technology […]

Never Waste A Burning Town

December 1st, 2014

Obama learned his “Community Organizer” lessons very well. He’s going to keep stoking the fires of racial hatred and distrust in Ferguson, – and stay in front of the TV cameras, – by holding three (3) separate White House meetings on Ferguson today.  When will Democrats and thinking Blacks say “Enough!”? Message for uninformed voters […]

With Ferguson Missouri set to explode in America’s first major race riot of the decade,  and Al Sharpton taking center stage before the cameras to talk about white policemen shooting unarmed black teens,…it is fitting to remember just how big a fraud he is. Between his personal income, his for-profit Raw Talent and Ravels Communications, […]

Aging Racebaiter Stirs The Pot

August 14th, 2014

At 74 – Georgia Congressman John Lewis demands Obama decree Martial Law in Ferguson. Because there are only three (3) Black cops there? After 27 years in Congress, he ~ should ~ have a clue about the legal implications of either a state governor or the president declaring martial law. (video below the fold) Not […]

THREE CHEERS for freshman Congressman Tim Scott – from South Carolina’s 1st CD [along the coast]. Tim is a successful small businessman who has been active in SC politics – now serving his first term in Congress. Clearly he’s not in awe of the MEssiah. Oh, and guess whose district that new Boeing plant is […]