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10:30 a.m. Monday 21 Sep – Hartford CT:    A police officer spotted a license plate that was on the ‘hot sheet’ and stopped.  This lady became agitated and hostile (she may be a trained agitator) and was anything BUT cooperative.  CAUTION:  She’s a potty-mouth.   Her rude,  reckless and racist response to officers doing their […]

All his “career” he’s made a living being a victimized Black,…now what will he do?  Who will pay him to keep trashing America? Where can an aging race-baiter find work in 2019,  – except maybe for CNN or one of the 20+ Socialist candidates…? 

She’s 79,  – in Congress for these past 26 years,  and she’s had moments where her faculties are in question.  This lifelong socialist race-baiter has been fixated on impeaching Trump since January 20th. Her brain is too filled with racism to separate Fake News from FACTS,  – and she fully believes the worst.  The problem […]

It’s been 46 long years since Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. In October of that troubled year – the symbolic raised fists in Mexico City made sense to many.  But now, – with a Grand Jury having exhaustively examined the evidence, – it seems like flagrant race-baiting to continue the myth of the dead […]

Good Riddance Eric Racist Holder!

September 28th, 2014

All you needed to do to become a living legend was be color-blind, – to be America’s Lawyer; – but you chose to be a vindictive racist asshole…and a compulsive and instinctive liar. You did America no service Eric. You hurt Black Americans the most by substituting your racism for leadership. You widened the racial gulf […]

Our wannabe president – Governor Patrick – just cannot keep his mouth shut! First he injects himself into a private business matter – the future of the Market Basket food chain… Then he plays the RACE CARD with the ease and skill of a Jesse Jackson or an Al Sharpton, – or an Eric Holder. […]