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The FBI Has BLOWN IT – Again…

September 21st, 2016

Three people who plotted and conspired to do great, – lethal harm,  to the American people;  – EACH investigated by the FBI,…and EACH TURNED LOOSE to commit their evil acts. When Trump becomes President,  he’ll need to rebuild our FBI with REAL investigators, – and dump the politically correct bumbling asswipes.

This didn’t happen by accident or coincidence,  – they specifically invited the Afghan father of the Orlando Muslim ISIS terrorist to sit behind Hillary! He felt perfectly comfortable – he’d met her before!

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is represented by an American lawyer.  Her name is Loretta Lynch,  – and her other client is Barack Obama’s Criminal Cartel. By law she is supposed to represent the American People,  defending us from monopolistic business interests and the over-reach of government officials and agencies.  During her 26 months in office, – […]

Feeling helpless in the aftermath of a mass murder is normal.  Failing to name the murderers is stupid, cowardly,  – and just encourages the evil cult. The really stupid and gutless blame the “GUNS”,  – instead of calling for victims to arm themselves and to harden and defend their soft targets.