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This will totally piss off left-wing gun-grabbing Nazis! “The Constitution serves as chains to bind the mischief of government”. If you’re running for office – and you can’t stand and deliver on the 2nd Amendment exactly like Ted just did; – don’t call yourself a Republican or a Conservative.

Here we are.  A new day.  Same President.  We didn’t want it to go this way, but it did. Some positive notes:  Does anyone miss the endless phone calls? How about the emails pleading for money? How about meetings, planning for meetings, travel to and from meetings? How about the yard signs (you did take […]

You’ve talked to all your friends. You’ve made all the phone calls. You’ve written letters to the editor. You’ve gone neighborhood walking. You’ve read the blogs. You’ve heard the pollsters. There is one last action: Vote.  If you haven’t voted. Do it. NOW!  Take a friend with you.  Call an elderly person to make sure […]

The last day to prepare…  The ZERO HOUR!  You must do something for the election. You will be the key to fair and legal elections.  Read below for what you can do to vote.  AND, AS IMPORTANT – WHAT YOU CAN LOOK OUT FOR WHEN VOTING TO MAKE SURE THAT THERE AREN’T ANY SHENANIGANS.  AND, […]

 Only 1 full day left…  1. When you see an Obama supporter, – ask them how Obama plans to pay down our $16 TRILLION national debt if he just ADDED $6 TRILLION since being sworn in? Ask them if they have already voluntarily paid the higher tax rate themselves. If not – why not?  rr 

  2. Are you a small business owner?  Do you know one?  If you think you’re too busy to get involved, think again.  These are your topics:  higher taxes, unaffordable health insurance, big labor threats to turn your small business into a union shop.  Elect one of your own.  A businessman.  Someone who understands your needs.  […]

  3. Go to and volunteer to work for the campaign on election day.  They need workers to man every polling place to report on what’s going on, who has already voted, etc.  They are VERY organized and there is a lot to do.    rr 

  4. Say nightly prayers from now until Election Day.    rr 

  5. When you see a car with an Obama / Warren sticker – ask the owner who they THINK is going to repay the $16 Trillion Federal Debt? Then ask if they have children and grandchildren?  rr 

  6. When you see someone working hard – maybe a waitress, a cook, or a store clerk, – compliment them. Ask how they’re going to vote. If they say R, thank them. If they say D – ask them who they think deserves half the money they’ve just earned?  rr