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Howell, Michigan, Tues 5 Oct 2021:   China Joe – the dementia patient came to Michigan to tell whoppers and sell his Make America Broke spending package. Crowds of Patriots were there to make him feel unwelcome!  The righteous anger of many of the anti-Biden protesters is understandable. What’s hard to explain is the few moonbat […]

The Left and their Media Allies are going berserk,  – they know Sleepy Joe couldn’t possibly hold a 2-hour rally!   video:

The organizers of Boston’s first “Straight Pride Parade” managed to prove a key point: That many of Boston’s LGBTQ community are stridently unaccepting of normal straight people – maybe even feel afraid of them. The counter-demonstration brought out the uglies and the lunatic fringe,  exactly making the point that too many of Boston’s homosexual community […]

If ONLY this Charlie FAKER Toady was a Republican,  – but alas,  she’s not even close.  AND she’s so out of touch she doesn’t know the different Jewish groups in Massachusetts – or nationwide. Instead of engaging and explaining the TRUTH about Republican Values to these misguided young useful idiots,  MassGOP Chair Kirsten Hughes had them […]

Trump Wows The Crowd In Lowell

January 5th, 2016

Fills the 6,500 seat Tsongas Arena – Niki must be in a snotty twist this morning! One source stated that there were nearly 8,000 folks inside the arena, – to include the now-obligatory protesters,  – who Trump now makes part of his show.  Nothing seems to faze him,  and maybe that’s why America is embracing […]

It ~ may ~ have been the biggest crowd of patriots ever to assemble in Massachusetts – and nobody was demanding any free handouts!   Democrats must be terribly embarrassed this morning. I’ll let the video [below the fold] tell the story.