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The Left and their Media Allies are going berserk,  – they know Sleepy Joe couldn’t possibly hold a 2-hour rally!   video:

The organizers of Boston’s first “Straight Pride Parade” managed to prove a key point: That many of Boston’s LGBTQ community are stridently unaccepting of normal straight people – maybe even feel afraid of them. The counter-demonstration brought out the uglies and the lunatic fringe,  exactly making the point that too many of Boston’s homosexual community […]

If ONLY this Charlie FAKER Toady was a Republican,  – but alas,  she’s not even close.  AND she’s so out of touch she doesn’t know the different Jewish groups in Massachusetts – or nationwide. Instead of engaging and explaining the TRUTH about Republican Values to these misguided young useful idiots,  MassGOP Chair Kirsten Hughes had them […]

Trump Wows The Crowd In Lowell

January 5th, 2016

Fills the 6,500 seat Tsongas Arena – Niki must be in a snotty twist this morning! One source stated that there were nearly 8,000 folks inside the arena, – to include the now-obligatory protesters,  – who Trump now makes part of his show.  Nothing seems to faze him,  and maybe that’s why America is embracing […]

It ~ may ~ have been the biggest crowd of patriots ever to assemble in Massachusetts – and nobody was demanding any free handouts!   Democrats must be terribly embarrassed this morning. I’ll let the video [below the fold] tell the story.