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Can’t wait to buy this guy a beer!  Here’s a version that the Squaw wasn’t able to get pulled: It should happen everywhere this lifelong liar goes. Compare her tiny crowd in Dover to Trump last night in Toledo!

Temperament – Temperament – Temperament! Seems with all her troubles,  – it doesn’t take much to set her off these days.  Short clip of her outburst below the fold.

It seems a mere protester can make her afraid,…how is she going to face ISIS,  Putin,  the Chinese,  the NorKs, and the Cartels…? This was the scene in Las Vegas… Anybody really want to spend 4 years listening to this witch cackle…?

Hillary Removes Another Protester

November 18th, 2015

Her aides are ruthless in eliminating any sign of opposition.  At a rally in Mountain View College – a community college in Dallas,  a man holding a small polite protest sign was intimidated and removed. It seems that at first he had a large sign listing her sins, – and one of the 1,500 ‘nice […]