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Melania Trump came to Boston Medical Hospital, – an inner-city teaching hospital serving Boston’s poorest people.  She came to focus attention on their outstanding work with babies born drug-addicted to drug-using young women. Sadly,  the unthinking and virulently Trump-hating staff and medical students used her visit to upstage her and steal the spotlight for their […]

Niki’s MoonBat Séance

September 8th, 2010

Niki held office hours today – so that the little people could come and talk to her.  I was there to protest the new Obama plan to spend another $50 Billion to buy union votes in time for the November election. These days Niki and her staff are never glad to see me. The first […]

C’mon, who doesn’t believe that if He really had a plan, or something that would make a difference, he wouldn’t have already put it into action? If he had an idea, would we expect him to wait days to make an announcement? No, of course not.  We all know that it’ll be the same old […]