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For 11 minutes CNN’s chief Hillary fan tries to bait Trump,  – Donald holds his own,  – proves he can think on his feet,  and doesn’t take the bait. When can we expect Cooper to grill Hillary? Yeah, right…

CNN Readies For Mideast War

February 12th, 2012

 By firing its Jewish journalists! As reported by, it seems that $$ are tight at CNN Israel.  Advertising is down because viewership is down. Can’t imagine why¡ So CNN fired their four Jewish journalists – leaving only their Arab journalists. No more balanced teams covering stories. Editor Moshe Cohen, Producer Izi Landberg, Cameraman Avi […]

 Every dictator needs a willing Propaganda Minister. Obama just promoted Jesse Lee. As Czar – or Commissar of Progressive Media & Online Response – Jesse’s new job is to tamp down unfavorable tweets and rumors on Twitter.