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Harvard Law School’s Laurence Tribe appeared on CNN,  – Chris Cuomo’s show,  – to discuss the DemoCRAP’S favorite subject – impeaching Trump. His choice of words,  after several school shootings,  would leave a sane man to question if the aging libturd still has command of his faculties. (video)

For 10 long months they’ve been looking under Trump’s bed for Vladamir Putin and his trained KGB agents.  They kept looking because how else could THEY explain Hillary’s humiliation…?  It HAD to be Russians!! So they finally found one (1) Russian who held one (1) brief 20-minute meeting with Don Jr. – on the false […]

The more I watch,  the less I trust them….  It seems the only thing they can report honestly is the track of a hurricane…. I did watch Trump’s Town Hall in Sanborn last night, – a quiet event where he took questions from an invited [friendly] audience.  But few political events these past 10 years […]