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For years local LibTurd MoonBat JamieBoy has wrapped himself in the label of “Progressive”. Always on the wrong side of any issue…. He always appeared to be very proud of it – like a merit badge…  Now comes David Rubin to challenge our basic understanding of “Progressives”…and he could have been speaking about our JamieBoy!

Jeb, these young Conservatives at CPAC just told you how your run for the White House will end; – – with the election of Hillary Clinton! They’ve listened, and they’ve seen through you Jeb.  You’re a Progressive. You should re-register as a Democrat and challenge Hillary in the Democratic primaries.  You’d stand a chance there, […]

Massachusetts State Senator JamieBoy Eldridge was raised with ‘special needs’.  He needs to feel important, – in charge, and the center of attention. He needs to feel the groveling adoration of his humble MoonBat masses. He needs to decide how you should live, how much money is ‘too much’ for you to be allowed to […]

But listen to his comments. He’s proud of this. He’s sure he’s more knowledgeable than the average citizen. Do you believe him? (Full disclosure: This video is from the George Thompson campaign. I think it provides a compelling reason to vote for George, not Jamie.) rr

I guess we can call this a “Failure to Learn” moment.  If the election of Scott Brown, and the coast-to-coast TEA Party rallies haven’t made an impression on this raging progressive congressman from California’s 36th District – what will?  Listen as she caters to her Tax-&-Spend Progressive constituents just four days ago.  Not a shred of hesitancy in her […]