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SHUT UP!  Go home,  hire a criminal defense attorney,  – put your affairs in order,  – and pray the Clinton Cartel hasn’t already put a hit on you. With every interview you give,  you’re losing allies,  burning friends (such as you have),  and providing evidence to a future prosecutor.  One thing is for sure – […]

Judge Andrew Napolitano explains the scenario of Bryan Pagliano’s immunity deal,  – and why Hillary hears footsteps in the hallways. “…her legal woes are magnified!” He expects an indictment by mid-May….explains the process in a 4-minute video.

There isn’t a patriot I know who doesn’t relish the image of Hillary Clinton in handcuffs – going into a courtroom on trial for murder and/or treason. But even with rock-solid evidence – and willing eye-witnesses,  – can Hillary actually be brought before the Bar of Justice and made to pay for her sins and […]

What a headline to see on Christmas Eve….it might curdle Hillary’s porridge… I found some appropriate Christmas Music for Mrs. Clinton….

At RRB we were stunned when Obama went to the Pentagon to confer with his generals.   We didn’t think he knew where the building is… Claiming to be part of a 64-nation ‘coalition’,  – Obama promised more of the same,  – i.e. Teleprompter Powered hot air – directed against his feared and hated enemy – […]