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It was untimely – just days before MLK Jr’s birthday – that a Black lawyer being interviewed live on radio – assumed the host who invited her was a white man,  – and promptly accused him of “White Privilege”. Then – because she’s a well-trained Democrat – she BLAMED the blunder on her staff. 2 […]

Straight Talk From Bob Parks

August 29th, 2013

RRB has been proud to call Bob a friend for years.  I have been ruthless in ‘borrowing’ stories and leads from his blog. He is fearless in his analysis of people and events.  Stay strong Bob! 

Because naming a law after a dead thug is SO important to racial advancement? Because a ‘hallowed martyr’ will help fund-raising?  Because they need to prove they can still bully gutless mindless liberals in Congress?  How many inner city Black kids might such a law save – given the current Black-on-Black murder rate in Chicago? Chicago […]

It’s a multi-generational trap! Supporters are claiming that Mitt was merely inarticulate in the glow of his Florida victory when he claimed he ‘wasn’t concerned about the very poor – because they have a safety net’. I say you just got a window into the inner Mitt, and he is both elitist and arrogantly ignorant. […]