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It seems Pope Francis has a much different agenda from the 265 popes who came before him. In trying to reach out to refugees,  – with the idea of making Peace,…or even converting them to the Church,…he may be endangering his followers,  – and the very Western Civilization which allowed the Catholic Church to prosper. […]

Pope Francis is visiting in Mexico; held a mass at the south side of the border. Then he called Trump “not Christian” for wanting to build a wall.   But,..the Vatican – where the Pope lives,  – is surrounded by very high walls….

Pope Francis’s Socialist Vision

September 27th, 2015

A holy man says it is your duty to share your wealth.  He may not fully understand the difference between Giving and Government Taking. Democrats and Socialists will be using ~ twisting ~ his words to justify their populist robbery,  taxation,  and wealth redistribution.  They are unholy!

Thank GOD! RiNO Boehner QUITTING!

September 25th, 2015

Did the Pope bring us a miracle yesterday? When Pope Francis spoke about abortion,  – did John suddenly see the magnitude of the EVIL he has been funding…

Supremes RULE: 5:4 Gay Marriage is LEGAL in all 50 states.  Now,…about your dog-friend… How does the DOG say “I do”?  How does he/she say “Hell NO!” Give this 10 years and the term ‘divorcing the bitch’ will take on a whole new meaning…

Damn!  Just when the Left Wingers thought they had a Global Warming ally in Pope Francis [of all people] – Cardinal Donald Wuerl – the Archbishop of Washington DC,  says “Not Quite”.… Holy Schism!  What’s a God-rejecting Democrat to think?  I mean, – if you can’t trust the Pope of Rome, – who can you believe…?

The kind of crowd Obama could only dream of – 3,000,000 faithful crowd Copacabana Beach in Rio to hear Mass said by the World’s first South American Pope. And, they weren’t looking for free stuff either….