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…but she may just be paying off a campaign debt…?

Do they want to stay in business providing “Women’s Health Services”,… – or do they really just want to keep killing babies…? Trump offers Planned Parenthood a deal….federal $$ to STOP ALL ABORTIONS! Looks like we finally have a pro-LIFE President!

Proving forever that he is a deep-core DemoCRAP, Tall Deval just promised to make up any shortfall in federal Planned Parenthood funding – from our Massachusetts Treasury! If you want to kill babies so badly Tall Deval, write your own personal check!   Get all your RiNO and DemoCRAP buddies to write them too.   Leave us […]

As our Founders intended,  we DO have TERM LIMITS!   After 5½ years in Congress this pretty turncoat RiNO has just been defeated in the North Carolina Republican Primary.  Her days of betrayal are numbered. How did she piss off the voters of the 2nd North Carolina CD?

Baby Butchers Endorse Hillary

January 11th, 2016

Hillary was eager to promise them ‘no interference’ in their government-funded baby-killing blood money…. …how many babies were murdered to pay for this rally in Hooksett, NH? Cecile Richards – President of Planned Parenthood [now under FBI investigation for selling body parts] – told the crowd that Republicans are ‘extreme’ for wanting to save babies.

This 54-yr old former wanna-be paralegal from Fountain, Colo [suburb of Colorado Springs] is so mad at the Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Dear that she called Planned Parenthood and threatened to walk into a Republican meeting and start shooting….

Nothing says “Incompetent Race-Baiter” like a pResident who makes snap judgments – before the facts are known,  – and blames “Weapons of War” for a crime committed by a human…. …and it’s hardly the first time his mouth went into instantaneous flapping mode…

Senator Cruz may be the most direct, most plain-spoken man of this decade. Listen as he delineates Republican cowardice in the face of Obama’s illegal moves. Should this man be our next President?   Could we trust him?

Thank GOD! RiNO Boehner QUITTING!

September 25th, 2015

Did the Pope bring us a miracle yesterday? When Pope Francis spoke about abortion,  – did John suddenly see the magnitude of the EVIL he has been funding…