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This 54-yr old former wanna-be paralegal from Fountain, Colo [suburb of Colorado Springs] is so mad at the Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Dear that she called Planned Parenthood and threatened to walk into a Republican meeting and start shooting….

Nothing says “Incompetent Race-Baiter” like a pResident who makes snap judgments – before the facts are known,  – and blames “Weapons of War” for a crime committed by a human…. …and it’s hardly the first time his mouth went into instantaneous flapping mode…

Senator Cruz may be the most direct, most plain-spoken man of this decade. Listen as he delineates Republican cowardice in the face of Obama’s illegal moves. Should this man be our next President?   Could we trust him?

Thank GOD! RiNO Boehner QUITTING!

September 25th, 2015

Did the Pope bring us a miracle yesterday? When Pope Francis spoke about abortion,  – did John suddenly see the magnitude of the EVIL he has been funding…

Injunction LIFTED!  California Superior Court Judge Joanne O’Donnell stops blocking CMP’s release of videos exposing the sale of baby parts between Planned Parenthood and StemExpress. Within hours CMP released this 2-minute teaser exposing the sale of whole intact babies.  If this is the teaser [below the fold] the full video should be stomach-turning.

Dripping anti-Republican venom,  the fake Cherokee from Massachusetts – totally ignores illegal embryo harvesting and claims Republicans are trying to ‘strip women of their health care’.  Then she includes Fox News!?!   WTF? What she’s doing is insuring that abortion clinics will continue to fund her political ambitions and campaigns – with $$$$.  She actually […]

Melissa Farrell Planned Parenthood – Gulf Coast explains procedures for harvesting “intact fetal cadavers”… This is rough stuff Folks,  -and it’s been going on EVERY DAY since long before Roe v. Wade.  Your Congress Critters are taking their illegal money, – and giving them yours!!

Boehner is in the Baby Body-Part Business!  Talk about ‘Degrees of Separation’,  – there are NONE! Speaker Boehner’s congressional assistant [on our payroll] for all things medical – like ObamaCare and Abortion – is Charlotte Spears Ivancic.  Her little lesbian sister Cate Dyer founded and runs StemExpress LLC which buys and sells baby body parts […]

Your Tax Dollars at work, every day in America!  And NO, – it’s NOT for ‘women’s health’!! CAUTION:  GRAPHIC and CHILLING video below the fold: