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The Communist Chinese have the American pResident they’ve dreamed of for decades;  – a wire-guided coin-operated babbling puppet,  – no longer even capable of cogent thoughts or words. Today in Pittsburgh China Joe Biden announced the bare-bones framework for his $2 TRILLION “infrastructure bill” – a combination of the familiar “roads & bridges” and AOC’s […]

It was supposed to be a B-I-G EVENT – Biden emerging from his bunker to make an IMPORTANT policy speech on Monday.   Turns out to have been a total farce! Biden flew 470 miles round trip – to make a 28 minute speech,  – to just 6 reporters and camera people,  in an empty building.

As you watch the clip,  remember the Dems have had weeks to plan for the start of his campaign.  Does this seem a little lackluster? The campaign is unlikely to release crowd photos,  – and their media partners won’t either.  You can hear the echos in the hall….

CNN Leading Trump Criticism

October 30th, 2018

The poison dripping from the fangs of the Fake News Network must be turning away viewers – and making honest Democrats (the few remaining) question their Party Leadership. Their goal is clear – to wear Trump down so constantly, – so badly,  that he’ll be too weary to run again in 2020.  I think they […]

UPDATED: 11 confirmed dead / 6 wounded (including 4 police officers).  Shooter surrendered – reports say he yelled “All Jews must die!” Being treated as a Federal Hate Crime. – FBI will lead investigation,  – which means we’ll NEVER learn the full story or the shooter’s full background. RRB will update when hard FACTS are available: MEANWHILE  – take […]