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The stupidest,  most corrupt,  most un-American and most pathetic person that might ever become president,  – except VP Kneepads and Nancy Pelosi…. BTW,   this photo was meant to reassure you that Joe is still running the country.

A Day Of Grotesque News

October 12th, 2011

If this was a movie, you’d walk out. Yesterday was a day of images for our T-shirt president. First he went to Pittsburg for a speaking / fundraising engagement. The pictures tell the story of near-total disinterest in this failed leader. Meanwhile, back at the zoo, . . . 

Niki Tsongas is DESPERATE to look like she’s doing something meaningful.   Today she wasted your tax dollars with a self-serving photo-op at the Chelmsford Fire Department – where she took a whole hour to give Chief Curran a check for $73K. She was a bit disgruntled at our reception committee.