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You bought an expensive fad car – to prove to everyone that you care about our planet….

Al Gore got RICH selling you his voodoo science of Man-Made Global Warming.  You even bought a Prius,  – to do you part to save the planet.  Now the Volcano has spoken – you are a FOOL!

The Propaganda Ministry is already screaming “Bloody Murder!”   Trump called Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and invited him for a White House visit. The media is going nuts because when Duterte became President last June,  he issued a “hunting license” to his citizens,  – i.e. he said if they found a drug dealer – go ahead […]

UN Peacekeepers come under attack; 40 from Fiji are captured. It’s unclear which group of Syrian Islamist ‘rebels’ decided it was a military advantage to attack the Peacekeepers, but this battle has been going on for several days. If you didn’t hear about it on the news, maybe your local talking heads can’t find the […]

Major Nick Rowe was a living legend, walking quietly among the hundreds of student officers in Building 4 at Benning in ’73.  Almost everyone in Infantry Officer Advanced Course was a combat veteran – many with multiple tours and hair-raising tales – if they told them. Like Nick, most didn’t, – because there was always […]