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UNBELIEVABLE!  In brutally honest (but so carefully polite) exchange,  Mayor Pete tells a pro-life Democrat he doesn’t care about unborn babies,  – just the Party Dogma. This is a tough 3 minutes of video – when you realize that as a gay man – Buttigieg is unlikely to EVER be a father.   A man with […]

The shallowness and hypocrisy is layered so deep you wonder who is advising the Cherokee Squaw.  If Trump is “a threat to our Democracy”,  – why is she wasting time attacking the gay kid over a fund-raiser in a wine cellar? Are her fund-raisers held in McMansions somehow more holy?

Mayor Pete Buttigieg is an anti-gun Democrat in the mode of John Kerry, Seth Moulton, and Gabriel “Navy Seal” Gomez,  – they specifically don’t want mere CIVILIANS to own them. Since Buttigieg makes a big deal of his wartime experiences, – let’s see if he has the stones to sit down with Colin Noir…. video:

Better hurry Charlie, – they’re running out of seats on the Wannabe Bus!