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How soon will the Church move to canonize the lifetime drug addict arrested for passing counterfeit $20.oo bills? What did George Floyd learn about Citizenship and the Law,  – during those 8 years when Obama was President? What life lessons did he teach his daughter?

How soon will the Wicked Witch of the West be demanding that China Joe re-issue her her Air Force Three? 

DemoCraps know they have this ONE CHANCE to bail out their corruption-riddled bankrupt cities.  They won’t let it slide!

They served together for 26 years in the House, – and today she endorsed the new kid – Woody Woodpecker, – saying he understands the need for “Progressive Values”. Think she even gave the Ice Cream Man a heads-up…? UPDATE:   Wed, 2 Sept 2020   Woody LOST to Chevy Chase Eddie – by 10%

What would the Left and their Media Division say if Trump appeared wearing a Kente Cloth? What?  No zebra high heals Nancy?  At RRB we pray that thinking Black voters see through this brazen and thoughtless chicanery.  What absolute frauds!

The only thing that matters to Democrats is keeping that Planned Murderhood money rolling into their campaign coffers…

As the Impeachment Trial dragged on in the US Senate,  Trump packed yet another arena with mainstream Americans – this time in South Jersey. Full video:

Let’s see if they’re still smiling on November 4th ….

There was a time – back during WWII and into the Korean War,  that Democrats were still deep in their core American Patriots.   No more….they are socialists, commies, globalists, and traitors!  In a bizarre move,  after rushing to pass two (2) Articles,  Pelosi suggests they might withhold them from the US Senate – ‘until the […]

Nancy Pelosi Is Counting Her Rats

December 15th, 2019

435 Members – 4 vacancies = 431 ÷ 2 = 216 Pelosi has 233 Rats plus the back-stabber Amash;  so she ~ should ~ have a comfortable 234 votes. Can 18 Democrats remember enough common sense and Patriotism to vote against impeachment? Do all 234 Dems really believe Trump has committed offenses which rise to […]