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A Hug And A Sniff In Kentucky

December 16th, 2021

Shamed for not going sooner (tornado was 5 days earlier),   Biden went for his obligatory photo-ops in the damaged zone. And when not tightly supervised – he quickly found a young victim.  He has a sickness,  – he cannot help himself.

Caution:  icky, sleazy, disgusting video: 

The only way to stop these “tragic suicides” (Arkancides) is for the Media to let the story out!  

Is there no end to the sordid trail of sleaze left behind by pedophile Jeffrey Epstein?  Those who didn’t go for the sex with underage girls,…seem to have been willing to turn a blind eye and take his money. With every sunrise,…we learn of another highly-placed person with incredible poor judgment – or a lack […]

If you think this media Epstein frenzy is about his ‘suicide‘ you are truly naïve….

Amateur Hour and Make-Believe ended suddenly in the rain Tuesday morning – outside a CVS in Roslindale, Massachusetts. Surveillance video below the fold: We’ll never know if Usaama Rahim set out that morning, – KA-BAR at his side to behead an unsuspecting Boston Cop, – if he envisioned dying before, during, or after his grizzly deed. […]