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John Kerry’s Hanukkah Turd

December 29th, 2016

Nothing quite says “Fuck all you Jews” like ‘War Hero’ Kerry dropping his Hanukkah Turd and telling the world he wants a “2-state solution” based on the 1967 lines…. If you’re too stupid to understand the evil he is perpetrating,  – you really need to read this blog entry.

Like World War One – 100 years ago – this war could have started at any time. Kidnapping and killing teenagers was only the trigger. But this war suits John Forbes Kerry’s presidential ambitions – to be seen as a patient and savvy diplomat, a peace broker, and able to push waring sides into agreements. […]

Some mornings Americans – I scan the news from overnight and just shake my head.  There are photos of a strange swirl appearing in the night sky over Norway – just as THE MEssiah arrives to pick up his unearned “Peace Prize”.  You know the one – that “prize” he was awarded for 10 days […]