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He’s back home this week – and visited a factory in Mukwonago,  – where a worker took him to task on Republicans in Washington failing to get anything done. Suddenly the usually-arrogant Ryan was in full weasel mode – and blaming everything on the Senate,  – on one particular senator…

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Thing are heating up for Paul Ryan,  the GOP’s former ‘Golden Boy’,  – now that people have come to understand what a RiNO he truly is!

Paul Nehlen is running a full-page ad in advance of Wisconsin’s August 9th Primary. We may be about to watch RiNO Paul Ryan get Eric Cantored in the primary!

Paul Nehlen shoots a campaign video in front of Ryan’s gated estate. Wisconsin’s 1st CD is Republican-leaning,  – and by now those folks should be thoroughly embarrassed by Paul Ryan,…who seems to have lost all touch with his voters….especially since becoming Speaker….video ad below the fold

Suddenly the 18 – year Congressvermin / Speaker has a challenger back home.   Meet Paul Nehlen.  We think you’ll like him…. Less than 4 years ago Ryan stood with Mitt before the Battleship Wisconsin,  and seemed like the perfect man to blow Crazy Old Joe Biden back to Delaware….