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Pat is talking to British socialists…. ….but he could be talking to Hillary’s supporters…

Funny thing about the TRUTH,  – it doesn’t fade with time,  even when some people want it to. William “Wild Bill” Finlay posted this a few years back,…and with the coming of the Spring protest season on college campuses,…it’s worth refreshing your memory and your storehouse of facts. And BTW,  the Left truly hates this […]

5:00 well spent

September 21st, 2012

Once again, Condell gets it right. He’s got an outsider’s perspective on America that shows the way. It’s too bad we can’t find politicians with the cojones to make these kinds of decisions. I was thinking the other day, we can prevent McDonald’s in Acton from having a large sign, or a drive-thru, but NYers […]

Believe me People, the proposed mosque at Ground Zero is NOT a “tribute to the victims”, –  it’s a tribute to the TERRORISTS!  Bloomberg is an appeasing AzzWhole!