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If Joe’s wife,  family,  and campaign team (handlers) are helping cover this up,  – it is a huge fraud against the American People. VIDEO below the fold:

It doesn’t SAY “Parkinson’s”…it just shows her symptoms. It’s just 30 seconds,…but it showcases her sickness….

Angelina Jolie is going for a Three-peat,  – dumping self-absorbed pretty-boy Brad Pitt, – because he smokes too much weed, drinks too much, and is rough on their six (6) kids…. Just a hunch,  but I’m thinking Mister Pitt will be far less involved with far-flung ’causes’ as he struggles to meet child support obligations…. […]

The old gray mare felt ill,  – stumbled off a curb,  – lost a shoe getting into her van, – and was whisked away. Even if she was an honest person, – she’s too sick to be president! Watch her collapse – before she is quickly surrounded by handlers and Secret Service….

At least one Medical Doctor thinks so,  and he lays out his findings in a 16-minute video. You’ve already seen much of his evidence,  Doctor Noel just helps connect the dots….  Go ahead and watch.  You’ll pick up a little medical knowledge – and some new words.