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Hypocrites Like Big Tits?   He’s the epidemiologist professor who came up with the curves proving all of England would die if the Government didn’t place the island nation in LOCKDOWN! She’s the political activist married mom who broke Lockdown and went across London looking for some extra-curricular extra credit – in his place.

For 4 long years Charlie Baker made no bones about his disdain and loathing for our 45th President.  But today, his state is under siege… In 2016 Trump held two rallies here,  and Baker ignored them.  In 2020,  Coronavirus has proven unignorable.

Too many points of fact don’t add up.   Our Nation is just weeks away from sinking into a self-inflicted and massive depression,  – and Doctor Fauci seems unconcerned… Is this merely the Doctor’s “Moments of Glory”?  Or are we seeing something far more sinister playing out? Two videos:

Either inept,  incompetent,  or acting as a paid agent of China,  – the WHO lied to the world about the Wuhan Chinese bat virus – Coronavirus. It’s about time that this arm of the Communist Chinese overseas disinformation operation was forced to fund itself.

With mere 201 days until the election,  and despite not knowing who the DemoCrap candidate will be,  – the Left’s utter desperation to use the Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic to unseat or even scuttle Trump has reached new depths…. HuffPost and Dominique Mosbergen reached new lows this morning…