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Your Priorities Mr. pResident?

September 24th, 2012

With the entire Muslim world aflame, what Sir – are your priorities?

Things have really gone downhill – ever since his bombastic ‘Rock Star‘ speech in Berlin. How much worse will it get before we’ve dumped him? The ‘Obama Charm’ hasn’t worked any miracles or softened any hearts. The image of a 21st Century ‘Messiah’ has come up short against 21st Century reality – and we are […]

May your days be filled with memories of your American attackers as they killed you.  May you spend eternity resting without peace for all the misery, agony, and loss that you have caused us.  Good riddance.  rr

John Kerry Stirs ’Em Up

February 17th, 2011

After losing his bid for President in 2004,  Lurch grew weary of the business of being just 1 of 100 Senators.  [He was still junior to Fat Teddy.] He wanted more – like maybe US Ambassador to France, or better yet, Secretary of State.  A good way to position himself for 2012, or 2016.  Today […]

Several Brewing Battles

February 3rd, 2011

The Obama/Soros Cartel is taking full heed of Emanuel’s Platitude: “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.  While you look at pictures of the riots in Egypt, they are moving forward on a number of items and hoping that you will either not notice, or be too distracted to let their actions sink in. 

Big Big Trouble For Obama!

October 15th, 2009

Every terrorist group has unseen outside help. I see Vladimir Putin’s fingerprints all over this situation, – payback for our helping the Mujahideen kick the Red Army out of Afghanistan, and the best way to keep US eyes and resources focused away from Russia.

Obama couldn’t care less. He’s about to collect his Nobel Peace Prize, give another world-turning speech, and then complete the destruction of American Capitalism. Like another world socialist seventy years ago, – he thinks he has a secret pact with Putin, and probably believes he can deal with him in a few years. Here we see a chess game between two totally narcissist would-be despots. Believe me, Putin is by far the stronger, wiser and more ruthless player. He’s not trying to tear his country apart!

Obama’s Afghan Agony

September 25th, 2009

To understand where I’m going with today’s entry Americans,  you’ll have to decide if you believe that Obama is merely a hard-left Socialist intent on replacing Capitalism in America with his vision of new-era socialism, – – or is he something far more sinister, – someone bent on a world remade into Islamic Socialism. We […]