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A Sad, Angry Look Back Today.

September 11th, 2021

Read all those names,  – ring all those bells, – dedicate all the monuments that make you feel good.   But if you voted for Obama to prove how pro-Muslim you could be,  – then re-elected him after Benghazi,  – then voted for the brain-dead Biden,  – you are exactly the dolt bin Laden said you […]

Damn Them ALL! Every Last One!

September 11th, 2019

It’s personal for me,  – I lost my dear sweet neighbor lady that morning aboard AA Flight #11.  Don’t tell me about trying to respect or ‘coexist’ with 7th Century pagans.  They all want to kill us all,  – or enslave us. And don’t try using words like ‘inclusion’ to justify electing them to government.  […]

All the toddlers and little kids from 17 years ago are teenagers now,  – finishing high school, – some off to college,  – and many about to vote in their first serious election. At first well-meaning grownups shielded them from the ugly reality of Muslim terrorism,  – then shifted the conversation to a left-wing version […]

No,  it’s not her new book,  but it might as well be!  She’s setting about to destroy whatever credibility he has left. The Butcher of Benghazi is using these three years 2013-14-15 to give highly paid speeches,  raise funds,  and test-market soundbites before friendly audiences.  No cameras,  no recording devices, no proven record of what she […]

SHUT UP Barack!

May 2nd, 2012

This craven coward needs to SHUT UP and stop claiming that he had ANYTHING to do with getting bin Laden! This phony bastard doesn’t even have a real draft card!

Rejoice! Osama [Usama] bin Laden is dead. Our ‘War on Terror’ is hardly over. And if you hear our pResident crowing, and Democrats singing his praises, remember that this important tactical victory is due to the plans, policies, and procedures put in place by George W. Bush. Mister Obama merely continued the march that George […]