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One speech at the Globies and suddenly the MEDIA has found their 2020 anti-Trump candidate.   They’re still obsessed with a “First Woman President”,  – and with the fat lady they get a 2-fer,  – 1st Woman & 1st Black Woman…. Throughout all of 2016 the Media kept harping on the fact that Candidate Trump had […]

Trump On Oprah – April 1988

January 18th, 2016

I’d say his message has been consistent over the past 28 years…

Has a presidential campaign begun on the Island of Maui – in Oprah’s mansion? I’ve seen enough Obama lies over these past six years that I don’t believe Michelle’s extended Hawaiian vacation is a ‘birthday gift’ from Barry.  Maybe they’re just tired of fighting? I think we’re watching the careful beginning of her Senate run […]