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Charlie,  the Ripples Report gives you all the ammunition you need – IF – you really want to fix the system that is killing kids…. Or you can be a Deval Patrick Clone – and play Musical Fat Ladies again…   If you have NO CLUE, we’re included a few here….

WHAT THE FUCK CHARLIE BAKER??? WHAT are three (3) foster kids doing living in PUBLIC HOUSING – with a mother who already has three (3) of her own?!?

 – when Olga Roche let him off the hook by resigning. We at RRB sincerely thank all the Good Citizens who called, wrote, emailed, and faxed this unworthy piece-of-[governor] over these past months to make this day happen. PLEASE keep calling him to free Justina! Phone: (617) 725-4005   Fax: 727-9725

Make The Decision Deval!

April 29th, 2014

For a guy who thinks he’s good enough to be President – Deval Patrick can’t make a decision or pull the trigger. Deval, it’s way past time for Olga Roche to go. FIRE HER! We know Deval likes to hire fat chicks, – he hired a ton of them.

Confronted by Pelletier family spokesman Reverend Patrick Mahoney, our cowardly lying governor Deval Patrick weaves, bobs, and dances around the truth, – hiding behind ‘the court’ and the DCF – which he controls. Just imagine, – he really thinks he’s presidential material.  Tell Duh-val what you think: 617  725-4005.

Another of Deval Patrick’s many disposable children. Deval Patrick expects to run for president;  Martha Coakley is running for governor, and Jeremiah Oliver stopped running last September…. His body was found on Good Friday – wrapped in a blanket, stuffed into a suitcase, and discarded 40 feet off Interstate 190 in Sterling, Mass. As we await […]

Deval Patrick, Martha Coakley, Olga Roche – EACH of these evil people have the power to step up and get Justina returned to her parents. Their failure to do so – their utter failure to to do the right thing  – is both a betrayal of their Oaths of Office – and repugnantly and utterly […]

BREAKING!  2-yr old dead in Yarmouth…. – Deval Patrick    – DO YOU HAVE A CLUE? CALL our stupid Governor – DEMAND he fire Olga Roche!   617  725-4005

We Want Her Head Deval!

February 10th, 2014

Dead kids, – 25% of the case workers unqualified,  – and over 500 foster parents with criminal records are not anecdotes any more Governor; – they’re your business-as-usual! We’ll be rid of you next January – not a day too soon!  Meanwhile we want Olga Roche’s damned head – on a stick if necessary!   FIRE […]