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  Florida Senator George LeMieux has every right to be angry. 

Where Is Joe Biden? AWOL?

June 19th, 2010

Obama must think we all have short memories.  It was just a month into his pResidency when Obama stood before Congress and the American People and said “nobody messes with Joe”.   

What have YOUR senators and Congressmen/women been doing and saying?  Staying silent, pointing fingers, or demanding action? Do you ~ think ~ that just maybe OBummer wants this problem to get a LOT worse – so he can justify government takeovers of the oil industry?  Too far fetched?  Remember Cash for Clunkers?    /s/  Iron […]

Under Coast Guard orders – sixteen (16) oil vacuuming barges sat idle in port while the Coast Guard “checked for fire extinguishers and life vests”.  If the Coast Guard was under orders to EXPEDITE the cleanup – they would have ISSUED any missing life jackets and fire extinguishers – gratis.

C’mon, who doesn’t believe that if He really had a plan, or something that would make a difference, he wouldn’t have already put it into action? If he had an idea, would we expect him to wait days to make an announcement? No, of course not.  We all know that it’ll be the same old […]

Many Americans – especially environmentally sensitive Democrats – are having trouble understanding why Obama is playing golf and generally showing great reluctance to act [other than blame Bush and BP] in the face of the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.  For instance, why did he turn down the Dutch help on Day […]