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Or maybe,…it’s those evil coal-fired power plants…?

Imagine the angst and chagrin of being a ‘duly elected dictator’ of an OPEC Nation – 31% bigger than Texas,  and 51 times bigger than Kuwait, – only to be unable to supply your 29,000,000 people with the rudimentary basics – like toilet paper. President Nicolás Maduro Moros inherited the mantle of thug-enforced power upon […]

Pain at the pump? Food prices going up? Budget a little tighter? Not to worry, your Obama Government has enough extra to loan Reficar – a Colombian national oil company – $2,840,000,000.oo of your tax dollars to build a new refinery in Cartagena, Colombia. We have only 148 US refineries, some small. Our last major refinery […]

The ‘Leader of the Free World’ shrinks from a third-world thug. The whole world waits for the US to lead, and our pussy pResident goes golfing. We must all share the humiliation. It’s obvious to all how badly he is sucking at being the ‘leader of the free world’. Only the Narcissist-in-Chief himself is oblivious.  […]