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There is panic and hysteria stalking the halls of government in all 50 states!   Last night Ohio Governor Mike DeWine issued a midnight order to keep the polls closed today,  – saying that some other means of voting could be used. He ordered more absentee ballots printed. This over-reaction will likely add to the anger […]

12-Day Road Trip!

July 28th, 2019

Been on a cross-country road trip, – a reunion in Colorado Springs of some Vietnam War Pathfinders.  Wanted to go see them before any more of us make that final river crossing. On the way home just couldn’t resist a stop in Oberlin.  Met and thanked the Gibsons for standing up for ALL of us,…and […]

Al Qaeda in Iraq had been decimated;   Hillary and Obama gave it new life!   32 min video and link to the printed text below the fold:

Who Loads His Teleprompter?

June 15th, 2012

This recycling of old speeches is now an everyday story.  Is Obama really saving money by not hiring speechwriters?  We’re paying top dollar for him to fly around on Air Force One and regurgitate this garbage! I hope Monday is Decision Monday and the Supreme Court throws ObamaCare back in his lying face.