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If only the Scarecrow had a BRAIN, – he’d see it coming… Slow Joe / Creepy Joe is all about his own ego,  – his desire to be ‘as good’ as Obama,  – and his desire to enrich his extended family from the Public Treasury….  If he picks Michelle for his VP,  he’ll be damned […]

Two unattended ‘heart attacks’,  – a random late-nite street mugging,  – and a ‘suicide’? All these men had either pissed off the Left,  – or actually exposed and endangered their evil plans.

With the months of his 2nd term ticking rapidly away,  – you know Obama has been itching to load the court with radicals before Christmas…. And of all the justices,…he hated Scalia the most…. Now how will Obama blackmail that pussy backstabber Mitch McConnell to let another agenda MoonBat onto the Court?  Is the ‘fix’ […]

ATTN: AG Loretta Lynch!   Will you investigate this as a HATE CRIME?  A Black Man has been killed! Down in Oxford Mississippi,  Anthony Hervey defied stereotypes.   Educated, informed, and outspoken in his beliefs, – and a long-time strong supporter of the Confederate Flag – as a symbol of History.

Gutsy Gallup CEO Jim Clifton now fears being Obamacided for telling the truth, – that we’ve lost 13 million jobs and replaced them with 3 million part-time jobs under Obama. That the real number of people working REAL full-time jobs is the LOWEST it’s EVER been! And Obama’s solution?

Natural causes,…or Obamacide? Will another Medical Examiner die now too?

And,…she was the ONLY one of nine(9) who died…? Odd too, because fat people usually float.  Nine people on a small plane crashed off the north coast of Molokai – three swam ashore, the Coast Guard plucked 5.

Junior, Is This Goodbye?

July 12th, 2012

Has Congressman Jessie L. Jackson Jr. entered the Witness Elimination Program? You may have forgotten – back in late 2008, the sitting junior senator from Illinois had just been elected our 44th President, – and Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was trying to sell his senate seat to the highest bidder…Jessie’s dad had tried to get […]

OK, who wants to handle this autopsy? March 1st – Andrew Breitbard dies of a ‘heart attack’ just hours before he is due to release a damning video proving Obama hung around knowingly with Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers at Columbia. April 20th -Breitbart’s coroner – Michael Cormier – age 61 – dies of arsenic […]

Collectors’ Copy

May 13th, 2012

Outing Obama; – Or Just Selling Ink? Newsweek’s cover for this coming week.  Larry Sinclair will suddenly be doing the talk shows. Too late for Choir Director Donald Young and his friends Larry Bland and Nate Spencer;  but I’m sure they would have been proud to see this day. It will be fun watching both the […]