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First wolves,  then owls,  – now fish have their lives in the hands of government bureaucrats.  Is there no end to the know-it-all arrogance of Democrats? Suddenly catch-&-release is no longer acceptable in the rivers and streams of Yellowstone.  If you catch a Rainbow Trout [deemed bad fishy] – you must kill it.   Please continue […]

Is This Posting Racist?

August 21st, 2013

A drive-by thrill-killing in Duncan Oklahoma;  victim is white, teen-age killers are black – at least two of them.  The Victim: Chris Lane – 23 – an Australian at East Central University in Ada on a baseball scholarship, visiting his girlfriend in Duncan, shot in the back while out for a jog, by three kids […]

Once again the ignorant shoot themselves in their respective feet. This is how Obama keeps getting elected. He makes sure that his constituency remains ignorant so he can continue to fool them. In this case, some businesses are saying that due to the extreme economics of Obamacare, they are either holding off on expansion, or […]

Obama To Veterans: BOHICA!

September 25th, 2012

We military types use dark humor to deal with bad things.  We even make up acronyms for them – like BOHICA! How many times have you seen Obama – and even his military-hating wife – pose using soldiers as campaign props?  At RRB we’ve remarked on it before. Now veterans should Bend Over, because here […]

Paul Ryan vows to serve based on the principles that founded America.  Freedom, Responsibility and Liberty.  It’s about time!  Ryan is proud to be chosen.  Romney made an excellent choice.  The Tea Party has someone to rally with.  Americans can vote for the Romney ticket and be assured that our country will be returned to […]

With the Obama Cartel doing their damnedest to brand him a racist, this appearance took a lot of courage. He tells it like it is. He took a few boos, – and kept going. Now to see Joe Biden’s speech on Thursday, July 12th…

Recounting Obama’s Lies

July 2nd, 2012

You might want to save this video. If you aren’t totally pissed off,…then you don’t understand the travesty that‘s been done to you, your kids, and their kids, – and our entire country. .

It is just SO UNFAIR of Republicans to ask Socialists about real NUMBERS and BUDGETS!! Here America’s Abortion Queen – former Kansas Governor Kathleen Sibelius [personal friend of Tiller the Baby Killer] is questioned about the lies told by Obama in selling the public on the ‘savings’ we’d see in ObamaCare.  She is CLUEless! She […]

Go to hell Barack. Free enterprise and Free Speech pitted against the moonbat sensitivities of an aging Virginia congressman. Democrat Jim Moran VA-8th is probably most famous for marching lockstep with Nancy Pelosi to shove ObamaCare down our throats. Now he objects to a filmmaker’s advertisement inside the DC Metro station. Logan Darrow Clements made […]

Santorum Runs Anti-Romney Ad

February 23rd, 2012

Rick has this one running in Michigan.