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One of the pitfalls of massive layoffs last year at the NY Times,…is that institutional memory fades quickly. Thus a story run on Jan 20th – is forgotten by March 4th….so they get one of those “Oh Shit” moments: 

Veracity Test:   Are his lips moving…? 

In 1851 the Times was founded by Whigs,  – who also helped found the Republican Party – to end slavery. What a difference 165 years can make! Today,  losing circulation and advertisers,  – owned by American oligarchs the Ochs-Sulzberger family and Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim,  – the paper has abandoned any pretense at publishing the […]

If ever a newspaper deserved to die…. In June 2001 there was a mass murder in Nepal – in their Royal Palace – committed by a deranged crown prince.  He killed 8 people and himself.  Here second generation NY Times opinion editor Andrew Rosenthal is seen presiding over a mock reenactment. And this is the […]

Two Arrogant NY Times Reporters

November 26th, 2014

They published Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson’s address, – thus inviting and expediting his murder. Someone found their home addresses. You bet your sweet bibby I’m publishing them:

How DARE the Times start any real reporting!?! Hillary sends in her head goons to ‘adjust their perspective’. “I’m going to be the next president.  Mess with me and you’ll pay dearly for it!” Recent Times reporting has just begun to ask the kinds of questions about Hillary the rest of us have for years, – […]

He turned around a storied baseball team, filled the seats, and brought 2 World Series Titles to Boston.  Can John Henry turn his $70 Million investment in this über-liberal rag into a REAL newspaper, – or will he merely sell the empty building for a profit?            Either way, there are going to be some liberals looking […]

FLASHBACK:  Sunday, June 13, 1971:  The NY Times [who else?] publishes the first of 15 excerpts and summaries of the “Pentagon Papers”. These were some 7000 secretly copied Above-Top-Secret analysis of America’s military decision-making and military policy during the Vietnam War.  The trusted guy who turned them over was former US Marine lieutenant and trusted […]