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BREAKING! NY Times Bails On Biden

December 15th, 2021

A damning op-ed,  with a most unflattering photograph – – and the most liberal rag in America signals they’ll not support China Joe any further.   And he’s been in office LESS THAN ELEVEN MONTHS…. Read the piece – – they don’t want Kamala either!

The parade of very sick Democrats will continue for 180 more days – until November 3rd.   Make no mistake,  – they KNOW he’s creepy and senile;  but they’re sure that – unlike Trump,  – they can control him. It’s all about saving Planned Murderhood!

Did they waste their Yale and Harvard Law Degrees?  One is fixated on Eric Garner on Staten Island, – the other on Michael Brown in Ferguson.  It seems the police should have just looked the other way. Too bad the Times printed their Op-Ed without printing a parallel answer from a real cop,…but maybe the […]