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BLM Threatens Bloodshed In NYC

November 11th, 2021

BLM has come a long long way when they feel bold enough to face an incoming mayor and openly threaten bloodshed. Standing in the way of prosecuting Newsome for racketeering and blackmail are the Soros DAs and Biden’s AG Merrick Garland. If BLM gets away with these threats in NYC,  – they’ll be calling for […]

In these past 4 years shooting have more than doubled,  – murders occur in broad daylight….  But in the mayor’s mind,  individual people don’t count for much; – pizza toppings do! He was asked on a radio show when he was going to use that $6 Billion to hire enough cops…. His answer was stunning:  […]

Combine an anti-white / anti-cop communist mayor with a nation-wide explosion of BLM rioting and looting,…and you have New York City last summer…. Mayor Bill de Blasio refused to have his cops (maybe the Nation’s finest) deal with the problem.  Teach a kid to loot a store….and,…

Are we to assume that Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Cuomo approve of this kind of “racial protest”,  – as normal for the city in the midst of a “Pandemic”? video:

New Yorkers Welcome GIANT RATS!

November 22nd, 2020

Even as their rich and mega-rich citizens flee to Dutchass County and the Hamptons, – they are being replaced by hordes of well-fed giant rats. New Yorkers shouldn’t complain;  – they VOTED for this Commie Mayor,  – then even after they saw what an inept asshole hypocrite he is,  – they re-elected him.   The rats […]

New Yorkers are ratting each other out – settling old grudges,  – even sending in video. But a murder or rape…?   “I didn’t see nuttin’ Officer!”

On one level this is Karma,  – but on a deeper level this video accurately depicts what the Democrat Party has done to Black America,  – – turned young Blacks into vicious jungle animals – who will attack each other just as fast as they’ll turn on White people, – or on the police. These […]

Do we need smaller hospital ships – or smaller hoaxes? Between the anti-Trump theatrics of Governor Cuomo and the bellowing communist hyperbole of failed presidential candidate Mayor Bill de Blasio,  NYC must have been expecting the sick and dying to start dropping in the streets and subways.

To LibTurds,  the answer is simple:  “Just dial 9-1-1!” But real life isn’t simple!  If you’re not ready to deal with homicidal retards,  – at home or on the streets,  – you could be a statistic – that the LibTurds will dismiss as “insignificant”. Beware Americans!   The European slashing spree is HERE!