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To LibTurds,  the answer is simple:  “Just dial 9-1-1!” But real life isn’t simple!  If you’re not ready to deal with homicidal retards,  – at home or on the streets,  – you could be a statistic – that the LibTurds will dismiss as “insignificant”. Beware Americans!   The European slashing spree is HERE!

A Forest Hills, Brooklyn Queens mugging nets $20 and credit cards used for $200 of McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts food. A thug’s gotta eat you know….it’s hard work. The victim, Kevin Wong got 35 stitches and 16 staples.  Will he still be a Democrat? Video

Girl POWER!  She took on America’s richest man – in the midst of his difficult and expensive divorce,  – and somehow she expected him to go along with her bullshit? Perhaps when she becomes El Presidenté of the Socialist States of America she can ORDER Amazon to put their facilities where she wants them…?

BREAKING:   At least 7 8 dead,  – many injured as rented truck plows down a bike path on Manhattan’s West Side. Driver emerged yelling “Allahu Akbar!” (Arabic for God is Great!) – waived gun (or imitation) and was shot by cops.  NO DEATH PENALTY in NY!

It was a great political moment – NY City’s commie mayor running from an angry Queens housewife…and it was all caught on video. He ~ thought ~ he was announcing sidewalk repairs.   It may well turn out to be the turning point in his re-election campaign!  2 short videos:

Trailblazing Judge on the NY State Court of Appeals found floating in the Hudson River!   What did she know about Hillary,  Holder,  and Obama? Sheila Abdus-Salaam was 65 until today.  She was found floating alongside the Henry Hudson Parkway.

NY City Judge Swears In On Quran

December 13th, 2015

Some are hailing this move as ‘a rebuttal’ to Donald Trump, – but I keep wondering why Obama didn’t come to preside… Carolyn Walker-Diallo – a Black Muslim grad of New York Law School won the election to be the Civil Court Judge for NY’s 7th Municipal District. And she chose to be sworn in […]

Welcome To San Francisco…

August 26th, 2015

…just be V-E-R-Y careful where you walk…. A little law enforcement would fix this, – but you know how Democrats feel about laws…

His words set the stupid people in motion. They’ve waited out the winter.  Now they’ll take center stage until the cold weather returns. Tourists will be well-advised to visit somewhere else, – we suggest the Adirondacks or the Grand Canyon. New York’s Finest will be very busy, between crowd control, crime fighting, and anti-terrorism work.