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Have we just wasted 243 years and 1,300,000 American Patriots?   Did we fight a revolution to be FREE from a tyrannical king,  – to now have our high school children march to Washington and DEMAND tyranny? A fitting tribute to the job Union Teachers in our Public Schools have done in dumbing down two […]

Connecticut’s two most inept Democrats have joined the Soros army of gun-bashing useful idiots.  The new war-cry is to call the NRA ‘a terrorist organization’.  The stupid people will buy into it. Mind you,  Bronin’s crime-ridden city was so broke they were going to lay off firemen, cops, and teachers without a state bailout.   […]

The NRA’s hard-hitting 30-second ad:

This former Navy SEAL has some blunt advice for you – get yourself an AR-15! And he has blunt words for both crooked left-wing politicians and ignorant media personalities…. Worthy 5 min video below the fold. 

Full video and Charlton Heston flashback below the fold:

Folks,  given the lawlessness of the Obama Cartel,  – releasing drug pushers, – failing to deport Mexican thugs, – and importing Syrian killer,… ..maybe you should give yourself a good firearm this Christmas… Do some soul-searching…do you really think your ‘nice safe neighborhood’ means it can’t happen to you….

Video below the fold:

 Forward this to all the liberal gun-grabers you know.    Hat tip Bob Parks!

A sad story of a wild-eyed left-winger advocating death to the NRA and Republicans – over gun rights… …and a respected paper letting him. God forbid any Republican write what Donald Kaul did.