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The stuff of nightmares:  Judge Wynn rules that North Carolina’s Congressional Districts are unfairly drawn,  – thus giving an advantage to White Republicans in Congressional representation. He’s ordered the state to redraw the districts,  – and has hinted the General Election of November 6th may have to be pushed back.   Now how many other […]

Self-appointed ESPN fired Curt Schilling – said his speech is “unacceptable”. Curt was being sympathetic with the good folks down in North Carolina who want Male Transgenders to stay OUT of their Ladies Rooms.  His biggest sin was saying it on the air.

Absolutely beautiful in its straightforward message! Elbert’s message applies to all Democrats – who claim they “care about minorities”! The only minorities Dems really care about are government workers. UPDATE: Tuesday 4 Nov 2014 Tillis beat Hagan 49% : 47.3% Somebody wised up!

It is so good to see a Republican stand up and fight back against the usual left-wing smears.   Jason Molotov Mitchell is running for the North Carolina State Senate – against an entrenched Democratic lawyer – Josh Stein.  Of course the left-wing machinery circled the wagons and called him an ‘anti-gay filmmaker’. Ya gott’a wonder:  […]

   As the charade plays out in the Obama White House over budgets and debt,  it’s worth noting what happened last month in North Carolina. Fiscal conservatives promptly overrode a liberal veto. North Carolina grew resoundingly in the 1960s and 70s. Industry escaped from repressive Democratic Yankee states to the more business-friendly South. Retirees also […]