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It’s a great start to booting the entire UN out of our country!   The GRAND PROGRESSIVE EXPERIMENT,  – first championed 100 years ago by Woodrow Wilson (the 2nd progressive president) has failed.  Today Third World Thugs sit on the Council – and they don’t even pay their parking tickets. A year ago Nikki Haley […]

The Third World Thugs voted to condemn the USA for daring to move our Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,  – as if they have veto power…. So in a short and long-overdue speech Nikki puts them on notice! 2-min video below the fold:

Now The VOTERS Get Their Say….

February 20th, 2016

The polls are OPEN!   It could be a very bad day for Hillary;  – and a good day for Trump… I’m hoping the lesser Republicans will be vanquished by sundown in the South.

Jeb Bush backer Chad Groover – a Greenville lawyer and local GOP Party Chair,  has tight control of the 1900 tickets for tonight’s debate.  Per his own words,  he’s “rewarding Party Loyalists”.   That means the audience will be full of RiNOs cheering for Jeb,  – and probably booing Trump and Cruz…. This couldn’t happen without […]

Tell Us Again Nikki Haley….

January 16th, 2016

…tell us again Barack Hussein Obama…why we shouldn’t consider these daily, – nightly worldwide acts of terrorism as ‘Mainstream Muslim Behavior‘… PLEASE explain – in simple terms mind you, – that the “un-Holy Qur’an” doesn’t really command all Muslim believers to seek out and kill non-believers…