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In this clip – some troops can be seen with the protesters, – and they know how to fling back the tear gas rounds that Maduro’s loyalists are firing.  This division of loyalty in Maduro’s forces is why Putin sent in his elite Russians. This could get very bloody before it ends. Remember:  You can […]

As the SECOND prolonged power outage brings modern life in Socialist Venezuela to a standstill, opposition leader Juan Guaidó asked his followers to gather outside Maduro’s Palace. It was risky,  Maduro’s remaining loyal military – and his Russian bodyguards,  – might have opened fire…. video

Pray Tonight For Venezuela!

January 23rd, 2019

Tonight Venezuela has two Presidents;  – the Socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro,  – and President of their Nation Assembly – Juan Guaidó, – who today swore himself in as President. The United States has already recognized Guaidó;  perhaps the Russians,  the Chinese,  or the Cubans can get Maduro out with his hide…for a price. Remember Democrats, […]

His people are starving.  They’ve been rioting for months.  They’ve eaten the zoo animals and their pets.  Last week Maduro was forced to admit that Socialism has failed and his Venezuelan economy is broken,  – beyond repair…. A coup attempt was expected.  It came by drone.

They lived in the wealthiest country in the Western Hemisphere – rich with oil,  farmland,  grazing lands and natural beauty. Then they embraced SOCIALISM. What Hugo Chavez didn’t ruin before he died of cancer,  his hand-picked heir Nicolás Maduro has totally screwed up,  seizing a General Motors plant this past week.

Fourteen years under the thug Hugo Chavez, and once wealthy Venezuela was on the edge. Then Hugo died, and left the country to his hand-picked lieutenant – Nicholas Maduro, – who has no clue…. The entire nation has been without basics – food, toilet paper, medicines – for three years.  The breaking point is at […]

Obama is itching to go rushing in – but he has no clue what to do.   31 million people are without toilet paper, food, medicine, electricity, and increasingly without hope. But President [military dictator] Nicolas Maduro will use extreme violence to cling to power.  His only alternative is prison or being shot.   The player […]

Yes, it stinks!  Hugo Chavez is dead and buried. Now Venezuela – once the richest country in South America – has elected his hand-picked socialist replacement – Nicolás Maduro, – and is suddenly out of toilet paper. Maduro will import 50 million rolls – for his 29 million people. Can you say rationing – in Spanish? Could […]