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Deval Patrick’s “Let ’em WALK” Judge Janet Kenton-Walker lets a DUI Cop-Killer off the hook – says “there is no test…”. Just yesterday Deval said he’s mulling a White House run in 2020.   Does he think that voters nationwide are as stupid and blind as MassHole Democrats?

OMG!  Per the Herald,  this corrupt racist LibTurd is on Hillary’s VP short list? Hey Duh-Val,  if she picks you – will your slush fund manager Betsy Wall get a speaking part too?

In their minds – the needs of the Third World override your safety or our US Constitution. Their Oath of Office was just a ‘quaint old-fashioned ceremony’.  They intend to give drivers licenses and EBT cards to illegals; – the costs and dead Americans be damned! On Beacon Hill Wednesday* the Joint Committee on Transportation […]